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Here at LCM Marketing Solutions, we focus on digital campaigns that help small businesses generate organic growth. With the right tools, any small business can succeed- and we’re here to help you navigate the digital realm.

Web Design

We specialize in clean, simple and personalized websites, that will help generate leads using web optimized design strategies. Our websites are mobile responsive, SSL secured, with unique content and images. We create customized  “call-to-actions”, designed to convert website visitors into prospective customers. Your website is tailored to you and your business, so it accurately reflects who you are. Our sites are sales focused, and completely customizable.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is a fancy term that refers to website ranking. This means that when a site is being optimized for the search engine (google) it will be ranked higher up, which means that your site is valued as an authority in the marketplace. This website authority helps your business rank, leading to more phone calls, more paying customers, and more money in your pocket. SEO is a monthly package, because ranking doesn’t change overnight. It takes a lot of work to move up in the search engines, but it’s worth it. That way, when people are searching for your service, your business will be right up top.  

Lead Generation

Lead generation is our program that focuses on generating leads for service based businesses. If your business is based around calls coming in, rather than customers visiting a brick and mortar location, this might be the right service for you. We use our proven lead generating strategies to forward quality calls to your phone number. We’ll help you generate the calls you need to help your business succeed. 

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